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"The Call of Duty" Motivational Military & Soldier Poster Print

"The Call of Duty" Motivational Military & Soldier Poster Print

"The Call of Duty" Motivational Military & Soldier Poster Print

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Item #SW-OSA-SoldierDuty
Regular Price$35.99
Sale Price$29.99
Choose option22 inch x 28 inch print unframed, shipped rolled in a sturdy tube
22 inch x 28 inch print framed with a Nielsen black aluminum 1/4 inch wide frame (+$115)
From The Old School Athletics Inspirational Art Collection

Keep your motivational poster in perfect condition by having it custom framed with a high quality Nielsen black aluminum frame, or the executive black leather finish hardwood frame (see The Athlete Inside the Mirror for image of executive black leather finish hardwood frame). It is heat pressed to a foam board so it will last a lifetime. It is then finished with a clear and durable acrylic glass. Comes with hanging hardware. Looks great in your home or office. Shipped, protected, in a sturdy mirror box.

Quote featured on print:

Soldiers know what a hero is. They watch them fall, they watch them continue in harmís way, they see heroes stealthily moving in fluid unison towards uncertainty, with no uncertainty. They are the ones who never tell the world how they are changing themselves forever with every push, with every mile and hill, and with every bold promise of sunrise, because those exact a perspective unachievable by the common man. Their reality is to awaken with the knowledge that today is a day through which they may survive. And they must make all necessary preparations to do so. While the world goes about its business, soldiers go about business of a different kind, a kind they are not at liberty to evaluate in terms of right and wrong because their leaders will make those immortal decisions for them. But one thing is certain: There is a great place and itís called home, and every home needs to be protected. Soldiers are holders of a more acute perspective than anyone else because of the stakes involved in their undertakings. Enlightened to lifeís extreme flanks, soldiers know Hell yet pray to return because they have seen worse. But they also know when things donít get any better. Such certainty is difficult for others to grasp unless they, too, have awakened to the trumpetís blare, weaponís crack, or worse. In competition, winning and losing on the playing surface are clearly definable. But on the surface of the earth, the great protectors measure winning and losing in more extreme units: In the lives of their countrymen, in the lives of the ones standing beside them, and in the lands of their home. And while itís the unforgettable call of home that rings in soldiersí ears throughout their service, there is a higher call that drives them perpetually forward during times of unthinkable circumstance. Although it offers itself to all, only a sacred few choose to hear, and answer, The Call Of Duty.

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