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Home / Motivational Posters & Inspirational Posters / Old School Athletics Motivational Prints / "The Run Within" Motivational Running and Track Poster Print

Home / Sports Posters & Prints / Running and Track Posters / "The Run Within" Motivational Running and Track Poster Print

"The Run Within" Motivational Running and Track Poster Print

"The Run Within" Motivational Running and Track Poster Print

"The Run Within" Motivational Running and Track Poster Print

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Item #SW-OSA-runwithin
Regular Price$35.99
Sale Price$29.99
Choose option22 inch x 28 inch print unframed, shipped rolled in a sturdy tube
22 inch x 28 inch print framed with a Nielsen black aluminum 1/4 inch wide frame (+$115)
From The Old School Athletics Inspirational Art Collection

This inspirational print was written by the athlete, for the athlete, and represents a "life statement". It bridges the gap between every generation of athlete that has ever played the game, simply because they love to play the game. Nothing more, and nothing less!

Keep your motivational poster in pristine condition by having it custom framed with a high quality Nielsen black aluminum frame, or the executive black leather finish hardwood frame (see The Athlete Inside the Mirror for image of executive black leather finish hardwood frame). It is heat pressed to a foam board so it will last a lifetime. It is then finished with a clear and durable acrylic glass. Comes with hanging hardware. Looks great in your home or office. Shipped, protected, in a sturdy mirror box.

Quote Appearing on print:
"I awaken to the world’s turn, the world’s run. The day before me lies bare outside my window, there for the running. There may be dew on the ground, there may be snow, there may be rain, or the ground may be dry. But I will find the trail, the path, the track or the road because none will come to me. To begin, I pain myself in routine stretch, where hamstring sting momentarily interrupts the butterflies in my helpless gut. I crave a run’s symphony: the whispered breeze a quick sprint brings, gravel or leaves crunching beneath striding feet, the dance-like tap of toes on concrete or track where hurdles and milestones are systematically conquered — how they mysteriously fade into dynamic sounds within: the heart’s rhythmic pound, the echo of cadenced breathing. I define distance using lines — lane lines, start and finish lines, the lines of roads and sidewalks and of beautiful horizon — how they blur while I methodically stride out and how they sharpen again when moist eyes blink hard near a run's culmination. I confront unforgiving hills with vigor, and I embrace the inevitable exhaustion that follows. And before I outrun either time or opponent or the world’s turn, I remember that running smart supersedes running hard. I awaken to my own path: the path that allows burning feet to lay tracks. A path to one more hill. One more mile. One second faster. I awaken to the run outside, and each day I live The Run Within."

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